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Donauwoerth / Germany – May 08, 2019

We have expanded our proven DC UPS system UPSI with fanless and completely closed IP67 variants and equipped them with a wide range input. This results in a variety of new applications in extreme environmental conditions. Learn more…

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DC UPS System

DC UPS for extremes

Uninterruptible DC power supply with maintenance-free Supercaps, IP67 protection and wide range input

The new Uninterruptible Power Supply Series UPSI-IP-2 ensures reliable DC power supply of 12V / 24V loads in harsh industrial and mobile applications. The DC UPS is dustproof and waterproof in accordance with protection class IP67. The high-quality aluminum housing contains the complete DC UPS control and charging electronics as well as the maintenance-free Supercap energy storage. The ingenious features of the intelligent DC UPS and tailor-made software, offer demanding customers a complete system with added value for challenging applications.

/// Maintenance-free supercap technology
Unlike batteries, which store energy by the detour of a chemical reaction, Supercaps are based on electrophysical principles and are charged and ready for use within a very short time, operate in a wide temperature range and convince with high current-carrying capacity, power density and reliability. Due to the high cycle stability of more than 500,000 charge and discharge cycles, DC UPS systems with Supercaps are maintenance-free and have a particularly long service life. For the supplied application, this means an increase in long-term availability while minimizing the maintenance effort.

/// Robust aluminum housing with IP67 protection
A robust aluminum housing protects electronics and energy storage against mechanical effects. The sealed housing elements and connections are resistant to water, ice, oil and dust according to protection class IP67. Mounting brackets with holes are already installed on the housing for quick and safe mounting.

/// Reboot function for self-sufficient systems
The integrated reboot function automatically initiates the restart of the supplied IPC after a recurring supply voltage, without requiring a complex on-site intervention by a service employee, e.g. for completely self-sufficient computer systems in inaccessible locations.

UPSI-IP-2 Series
All features at a glance

  Ruggedized DC UPS with wide range input
  Maintenance-free supercaps for energy storage
  High cycle stability >500,000 cycles
  Regulated output voltage
  Protection class IP67
  Robust aluminum housing
  Extended temperature range -20...+70 °C
  Fanless 24/7 continuous operation
  USB communication interface
  Integrated reboot function for self-sufficient systems
  Load sensor and timer function
  Extensive energy storage monitoring
  Mounting brackets included
  Pressure compensation element
  Long-term availability at least 5 years
  3 years warranty

/// Extensive application options
Typical applications of UPSI-IP-2 are heavy industry, petrochemical, tunneling and mining, security and building services, energy, communications, commercial and special vehicles, food industry, chemicals, agriculture and many more.
The UPSI-IP-2 ensures the uninterruptible and safe DC power supply of sensitive and process-relevant control modules, embedded computers, actuators, sensors and motors.


Free Whitepaper!
DC UPS systems and battery technologies

The extensive white paper shows the factors and technological differences that system developers should consider when selecting and dimensioning DC UPS systems for their application.

In detail the white paper shows the technological differences and selection criteria for energy storage. Supercaps, lithium iron phosphate cells (LiFePO4), conventional lithium ion cells (LCO/NMC), pure lead-tin and classic lead gel batteries are compared in terms of numerous parameters, i.a. cell structure, safety, energy and power density, lifetime, current carrying capacity,operating temperature range, maintenance, transport, storage and initial and follow-up costs. In addition, the design and function of control and charging technology including the battery management system (BMS) are explained.

We are happy to send you the whitepaper as PDF for free!

Selecting the right battery technology
for long-lasting and safe DC UPS systems

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