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Donauwoerth / Germany – June 13, 2018

The uninterruptible power supply of industrial computers, embedded PCs and gateways is becoming increasingly important. The new add-on module PSZ-1063 extends the features of the maintenance-free DC UPS systems UPSIC or DC2412-UPS (-LD) for optimum connection and supply of current mainboards.

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Optimal connection and uninterruptible power supply of current mainboards

The PSZ-1063 provides you with a smart μExtension add-on module that expands the range of features of the maintenance-free DC UPS units UPSIC-1205, UPSIC-2403 and DC2412-UPS (-LD). The add-on module is simply plugged into the COM interface of the DC UPS and is connected to the mainboard via suitable accessory cables.

/// Real-time data monitoring
During continuous operation data acquisition, the data is acquired via I²C interface of the DC UPS and stored in the μExtension module. Via RS232 interface of the module, the data can be forwarded directly to the host via interface cable PSZ-1046 / PSZ-1048, which enables an easy implementation of the DC UPS solution in the system.

/// Reboot feature
A core feature of the new μExtension module is the reboot feature, which enables the system to automatically reboot as soon as the input voltage returns during shutdown or at a later point in time. The startup function of the mainboard can easily be activated via BIOS when the input voltage is present. Power fail (PF) timer and shutdown timer can be set directly using DIP switches or the supplied software. The UPS can also be operated without software on the host.

The module generates the trigger signal for shutting down the system via power button of the mainboard (using interface cable PSZ-1043 / PSZ-1044). The options for software-controlled timer settings and for shutdown via software "UPS Control Center" are retained.

/// Output or supply release
The output or supply release is controlled by a safety function if required. This means the release of supply does not take place until the supercaps have a capacity of minimum 90%. Thus a safe shut down of the system is guaranteed at any time.

User's manual

The detailed user's manual for the μExtension module PSZ-1063 contains all important information about...

  • Functions & features
  • Installation / assembly
  • Configuration
  • Pin assignment
  • Hardware and software
  • Communication protocol
  • Command list

Uninterruptible power supply

Bicker UPSIC-1205
DC UPS with maintenance-free Supercaps (EDLC)

Due to the high cycle stability (> 500,000 charge and discharge cycles) of the maintenance-free double-layer capacitors (so-called Supercaps / EDLC), the DC UPS system UPSIC-1205 has a particularly long life and a wide operating temperature range. For the supplied system, this means an increase in long-term availability while at the same time minimizing maintenance.

Use Case: Fail-safe systems for electronic payment

Even short-term power outages, flicker, fluctuations or voltage drops can quickly become a problem for electronic payment systems, cash registers or self-service terminals (SSTS). Payment and transaction processes must be completed securely and bindingly, and recorded data must be reliably transferred. With our uninterruptible power supplies based on maintenance-free supercaps (EDLC), you can implement fail-safe systems in the area of kiosks, POS, self-service terminals and ePayment for long-term and reliable 24/7 continuous operation.

DC UPS Bicker UPSIC-1205
All features at a glance

  12VDC UPS with Supercaps (EDLC)
  Regulated output voltage in UPS mode
  Maintenance free
  High cycle stability> 500,000 loading / unloading
  Charging time <60 sec at maximum charging current
  Extended temperature range -20...+70°C
  94% efficiency
  Intelligent PowerSharing
  Active reverse polarity protection
  Power Fail signal via relay contact and
      COM Interface RS232 / I2C
  High-quality components in industrial quality
  Suitable for 24/7 continuous operation
  Long-term availability at least 5 years
  3 years warranty

Industrial Mainboard Mini-STX

Fujitsu D3544-S2
Strong performance with
Intel Atom® Gemini Lake SoC on a new form factor

With the long-term available industrial mainboard Fujitsu D3544-S2, you can take advantage of both the new Intel Atom® processor generation "Gemini Lake" with only 10 Watt TDP, as well as the new form factor Mini-STX with a size of 147 x 140 mm. This makes it possible to build space-saving and powerful computer systems for a large number of applications. The memory of the D3544-S2 can be expanded up to 16 GB of DDR4 RAM. The industrial mainboard has an integrated graphics chip of the Intel UHD Graphics 600 series and enables the operation of max. three independent displays (Triple Display Support).

Fujitsu D3544-S2
All features at a glance

  Intel Atom® industrial mainboard – Made in Germany
  Compact form factor Mini-STX
  Intel® Celeron® J4105 (QC @2.5GHz) (SoC)
  Max. 10W TDP
  Intel® UHD Graphics 600 12EUs @750MHz (integrated)
  2x DisplayPort V1.2a
  Dual Channel LVDS (24Bit) and eDP V1.4 onboard
  8 Bit GPIO & HD Audio onboard
  USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 (gen1) onboard
  2x SATA III Onboard support for M.2 SSD (SATA/PCIe)
  Onboard support for M.2 WLAN/Bluetooth Modul
  Dual GbE LAN onboard
  Intel® Integrated TPM V2.0 onboard
  HW Watchdog onboard
  RS-232/485/422-Support onboard
 Long-term availability at least until Q4 / 2022
 3 years warranty

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