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Industrial PC PSUs for DC networks

EN/UL 62368-1 certified

Powerful industrial PC power supplies with DC wide-range input

The IPC power supplies BES-540C (+24V) and BES-540T / -560T (-48V) for operation on DC networks are certified according to the latest safety standard EN/UL 62368-1 and are ideal for long-term 24/7 continuous operation in industrial environments, as well as in the field of logistics and transportation. The very robust power supply units with DC wide-range input are insensitive to strong fluctuations of the input voltage.

With a high current level at +12 VDC output, the IPC power supply units have enough reserves to reliably and safely supply particularly power-hungry graphics applications. The high quality of the components used and the excellent circuit design are reflected in a high MTBF (with fan).

Our industrial PC power supplies with DC input are used worldwide in a variety of applications: Industry 4.0, automation, transportation, commercial and measuring vehicles, communication technology, energy, POS / POI systems, monitoring and security technology and many more. 

Your benefits at a glance

  Powerful DC/DC ATX power supplies
     for industry, logistics and transportation
  DC wide-range input
  EN/UL 62368-1 certified
  High efficiency
  Powerful +12VDC output
     for high-performance graphic applications
  No minimum load required
  Temperature range 0...+70°C (startable from -20°C)
  Ball-bearing and temperature-controlled fan
     with tachometer signal for monitoring
  Suitable for 24/7 continuous operation

  Immediately available from stock
  3 years warranty

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DC Industrial PC PSU

400 Watt / ATX
Input range 20...36VDC 
+12V Output (30A)

DC Industrial PC PSU

400 Watt / ATX
Input range -36...-72VDC  
+12V Output (32A)

DC Industrial PC PSU

600 Watt / ATX
Input range -36...-72VDC  
+12V Output (45A)

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