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Donauwoerth / Germany – April 22, 2020

With the new BEO-1400M series for industrial and medical applications, we are introducing a fanless 2x4 "compact power supply for reliable, long-term 24/7 operation. The scope of delivery already includes the appropriate thermal pad for passive contact cooling. Learn more…

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AC/DC Power Supplies

Industrial & Medical

Compact, fanless and powerful: Highly efficient 2x4" switching power supplies for 12V / 24V

New AC/DC power supplies BEO-1412M (+12V) and BEO-1424M (+24V) for contact cooling deliver a fanless continuous output of 140 Watt. Ventilated, up to 200 Watt are available. The BEO-1400M series combines high quality and durability with the compactness of fanless 2x4“ PSU design and is therefore ideally suited for the power supply of closed applications and embedded IPC systems in a wide variety of applications: industrial automation, medical devices, operating room and Intensive care medicine technology, laboratory automation and analysis technology, measurement, control and regulation, HMI and vision systems, security technology, communication, POS / POI, digital signage, and much more.

/// International safety approvals
The switching power supplies have the medical safety approvals IEC/EN/UL 60601-1 (Ed. 3.1) and the EMC standard IEC 60601-1-2:2014 (Ed. 4.0). With a high insulation voltage of 4000 VAC between input / output, the PSUs comply with the medical safety standard 2xMOPP for patient contact. Leakage current is less than 0.1 mA.
In the Industrial / ITE area, the new safety standard based on IEC 62368-1 will replace the existing standards 60950-1 and 60065 worldwide from Dec 20, 2020. The new BEO-1400M series has already been certified in accordance with the new IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 and also complies with the EMC standard EN55032 Class B. This means that international customers can be sure that the new power supply series will cover all relevant standards in a future-proof manner.

/// High energy efficiency
The optimized converter topology of the new BEO-1400M series is characterized by a high efficiency of up to 93% over the entire power range and consumes less than 0.21 Watt in standby mode.

/// Passive contact cooling for fanless systems
A suitable thermal pad (gap filler pad) and a Mylar foil with cut-out for optimal contact cooling are already included in the scope of delivery. The thermally conductive gap filler bridges gaps and air voids between power components on the underside of the circuit board and the heat sink or the metal chassis of the application. Due to the very good heat management, the heating of the switching power supply is reduced to a minimum, making fanless and maintenance-free systems possible without active cooling.

All features at a glance

  AC/DC switching power supplies
  For industrial & medicical applications
  Available with 12V and 24V DC output
  Very compact 2x4 "design
  140W continuous fanless power (200W ventilated)
  Including thermal pad for contact cooling
  High efficiency up to 93%
  Low standby consumption <0.21W
  Operating temperature range -20… + 70 ° C
  Max. operating altitude 5000 m
  International safety approvals
  High reliability (MTBF)
  Suitable for 24/7 continuous operation
  Long-term availability at least 5 years
  3 years warranty
  Available from stock

/// BEO-1400M series at a glance
The compact switching power supplies for industrial and medical applications are available in our web shop:


AC wide range input
+12VDC output


AC wide range input
+24VDC output


DC UPS Systems

Protection with modular DC UPS

Uninterruptible power supply with
safe 10-year LiFePO4 battery packs

With the DC UPS system UPSI we offer a modular and integrated DC emergency power supply with safe and long-lasting battery technologies such as lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4).

In combination with the intelligent features of the charging and control unit as well as our customized software, a complete system with added value is created for demanding customers and applications. Benefit form our Know-How!


8 A (Open-Frame)


6 A (Open-Frame)


9,9V / 2,5 Ah / 25Wh
10-year long life
LiFePo4 battery pack


13,2V / 2,5 Ah / 33Wh
10-year long life
LiFePo4 battery pack

/// Extensive application options
In the area of uninterruptible DC power supply, the modular UPSI UPS system can be used in a variety of applications for a wide variety of industries and fields of application. Customer-specific solutions and adaptations for your individual application are possible on request. What can we do for you?

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